Monday, February 15, 2010

Zoo Fun with Family

Pretty much the exact same thing as my last page, but with a different kit (Sweet Yleana by Jady Day Studio, which is retired and no longer available), and no rounded corners. Plus, this time there were three pictures that just could not be cropped into squares, so I was able to crop them so they were about twice the size as the squares. It took some precise measuring and very zoomed in resizing, but I think they look pretty great! And this pretty much finishes up the zoo pictures. There is one picture that I just wasn't able to fit in, but it was just a picture of a funny sign at the zoo. It said "Attention Hunters: Moose in Area! Be sure of your target" I thought it to be a funny sign to have at a zoo. In the zoo's defense, it was in an area that they had made to look like the woods and great outdoors. That's where the four-wheelers were located. And there were some information displays about conservation and safety.

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dacjohns said...

Way cute! I love it. However, it is Grampy that is afraid of heights, not Grammy. :)