Monday, February 1, 2010

The Faces of Abigail

This is for a contest over on the Jady Day Studio Babes blog. The contest involves "lifting" from another person. Lifting is a big compliment in the scrapping world. What it means is that you see a layout you really like, and use an idea from it, either layout, colors, theme, well, basically anything, and implementing that in your own layout. For this contest the Babes are having people pick a layout from Keyr (one of the Babes) and then post a link to it on their blog. So I am lifting Keyr's LO called "Faces". I liked this LO #1 because of the LO overall, and #2 because I have taken so many pictures of Abigail, trying to get just the right one. So as soon as I saw this LO, I thought of the pictures I took of Abigail for her third birthday and knew I would be able to create something great. I decided to use the "Blooming Friendship" kit from Jady Day Studio (Yari) instead of "Totally Lovin' You" because I like the colors in "Blooming Friendship" more than "Totally Lovin' You". The bright colors really speak to Abigail's personality more than the more subdued tones of "Totally Lovin' You". I'm thinking of doing one with some of Bryant's pictures too, using the same page from Keyr, but this one took me about 2.5 hours to do, so I might not. Also thinking about doing a lift using our family pictures from this fall too. We'll see.


dacjohns said...

Priceless! What more is there to say? Love it! It is Abigail.

Leserlee said...

Yes it is.