Monday, May 9, 2011

Template Challenge

My amazingly talented friend, Yari of Jady Day Studio, has been hosting a template challenge over the weekend in honor of {inter}National Scrapbooking Day. I love iNSD because of all the wonderful freebies and deals all over the internet that the digital scrapbooking world has to offer. And it gets me in the scrapping spirit, because I don't scrap much these days. I was hoping the template would make things faster, but each LO still took me at least three hours. And the last one, in honor of my mom, for Mother's Day, took me about 6 hours to do. Mainly because I almost had it done mostly using one kit (and not really feeling it), and then stumbling across the kit (A Mother's Story, which is a retired Jady Day Studio goody) seen in the last LO. I feel in love with this kit, and loved the flowers and botany spin, which was perfect for my mom, who loves to garden. The green leaves and such are actually from a new Jady Day Studio kit (in collaboration with Kay Miller), Park Play, which I am also in love with. It's the kit I used in the first LO. The second LO is made using Spring and Winter in Hooville.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Rainbow Bright

Yes, I am aware that Rainbow Brite the person spells her name differently than I did. That was intentional, since this wasn't an attempt to replicate Rainbow Brite's look, but when Abigail wears this outfit it reminds me of her. Hence "Rainbow Bright". This all comes from a kit I got from the "So You Think You Can Design" contest way back when, from a designer called Abish Allen. The kit is called "Every Day Moments". I'm as shocked as you are that I'm not using a kit by Jady Day Studio. But I've got all these other kits, I might as well use them.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Family Picture 2010

Everything but the rick rack are from Springdipity by Jady Day Studio. The rick rack is from another Jady Day Studio kit. I think Winter in Hooville.

Some Snow Memories

So, on the sledding page I tried a new (for me) technique. I really wanted to use four pictures, but thought that would crowd the page quite a bit. But I realized the picture of Carl and the kids climbing the hill had a lot of dead space in it, so I used that picture for my background by changing the opacity. I really like the way this page turned out, though I wish Carl's head didn't look like it was missing because it blended in with the dark background. And the snowman picture convinced me that I need a dSLR camera, so I can focus on certain things, and leave the background blurry so I don't have to do creative scrapping and cropping to block out the busy-ness of the background. BTW, everything is from Jady Day Studio, Winter in Hooville Kit.