Monday, February 28, 2011

Some Snow Memories

So, on the sledding page I tried a new (for me) technique. I really wanted to use four pictures, but thought that would crowd the page quite a bit. But I realized the picture of Carl and the kids climbing the hill had a lot of dead space in it, so I used that picture for my background by changing the opacity. I really like the way this page turned out, though I wish Carl's head didn't look like it was missing because it blended in with the dark background. And the snowman picture convinced me that I need a dSLR camera, so I can focus on certain things, and leave the background blurry so I don't have to do creative scrapping and cropping to block out the busy-ness of the background. BTW, everything is from Jady Day Studio, Winter in Hooville Kit.

1 comment:

dacjohns said...

These are cute. And the first thing I had noticed was the background. I thought it was a picture that you used. Good idea.