Thursday, September 17, 2009

Jady Day Studio Totally Loving You Challenge-Sisters

It's been so long since Heather's wedding, I had totally forgotten that I didn't take any pictures there. So I pulled this one off of Facebook. Not my finest looking picture, since I was goofing off with my belly, but I really does bring out how I tend to be goofy with my sisters. Even though I look ridiculous, I still love this picture.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jady Day Totally Loving You Challenge-Bryant

This one is of Bryant, obviously. I also used his birthday pictures for this one, which worked out really well, since he was wearing blue and brown, with a hint of green in his shorts. The colors matched the kit pretty well. I only had to deepen the blue felt strip to match his clothes better. I really love how this one turned out, with the classic look to it. It reminds me of formal dining rooms, where the color below the chair rail is often different than the color above, while still coordinating with each other. You usually don't see buttons in place of a chair rail though, but still, that was my inspiration for the design.

Jady Day Studio Totally Loving You Challenge-Abigail

I made this layout for a contest from Jady Day Studio. All the elements and papers come from a kit called "Totally Loving You". Not necessarily my favorite colors (okay, not by a long shot), but they ended up working great for these pictures of Abigail. I did tweak some of the colors of things so they would work better for me. I'm not an expert at color changes yet, but I'm sure working on it. I hope you like it!