Thursday, September 17, 2009

Jady Day Studio Totally Loving You Challenge-Sisters

It's been so long since Heather's wedding, I had totally forgotten that I didn't take any pictures there. So I pulled this one off of Facebook. Not my finest looking picture, since I was goofing off with my belly, but I really does bring out how I tend to be goofy with my sisters. Even though I look ridiculous, I still love this picture.


Kaycei said...

I'll see about getting you a better picture. Remind me if you don't have anything by Monday.

dacjohns said...

I like this picture. It is great. Thanks for sharing. Another cute page.

Kari and Steve said...

Cute page. My only suggestion would be filling in the space on the right hand. Maybe move the whole picture thingy down and to the right just a tiny bit. or maybe move the writing and flower to the bottom right corner. Very cute though!