Monday, February 1, 2010

Family Pictures 2009

This one is also for the contest. They never limit you on how many entries you can submit, so I just keep going until I get sick of it. This LO was lifted from Keyr's "Winter Play". I loved the simplicity of it, just a few embellishments with the snowflakes, and lots of pictures. I love it when I see LOs that really let the pictures tell the story and be the focus, instead of all the embellishments. I also loved all the journalling below the main picture. I flipped the LO so everything was on the left hand side, instead of the right, for several reasons. #1, my main picture had all that empty space on the left that I could cover up with my side pictures, and #2 Abigail and Bryant were both looking to the right in their pictures, so their focus draws your eye to the middle of the page, instead of off the page if they had been on the right-hand side of the page. Good design principles there. Thank goodness for my Elementary Education Art class! This time I used "Totally Lovin' You" from Jady Day Studio because the green in the kit was the closest green that I could find to our shirts in all the complete kits that I have (which isn't as many as I used to think). And the blue and brown were also great. The only color I didn't use from that kit was the pink (and I guess the gray), but, those people that know me know that I'm not a pink person at all!


dacjohns said...

These are really good family pictures. I like how you color coordinated the clothes. Nice page.

Wish I had color coordinated our clothes when we took pictures when you girls were young. Our outfits were a horrible match.

Leserlee said...

Some of our outfits were horrible, weren't they? I like the way that matching or coordinating outfits look. People joke a lot about how it's such a Mormon thing to have matching outfits, but I think it looks good. What I try to avoid doing though is complete matchy-matchy, I usually just pick a color and stick to it with everyone's clothes. Yellow shirts and blue jeans the first year, then the second year Abigail and I wore matching skirts, the next year it was just Abigail and Bryant and they both wore striped shirts, then this year the green shirts with blue jeans. We'll see what next year holds. It usually depends on what the kids have that goes together with something that Carl has too. I have at least one shirt in just about every color, so I'm easy.