Friday, February 12, 2010

Zoo Animals

This is the second to last post in the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Series. I still have to do a spread with pictures from all of us at the zoo, and some other fun stuff. I had a hard time doing this one. According to PhotoShop I have 50-some-odd layers, but in reality I deleted the first 30 or so layers from trying to crop different pictures in different ways, and then deleting them because I didn't like the way things were turning out. I got to a point where I had all my pictures cropped, and sized properly (a big feat considering the pictures came from at least four different cameras) but then just didn't like the way they were fitting on the pages, but I did like the two photos that were square, so I deleted the other eight pictures and went searching for new ones. Some of my previous ones were used again, but cropped differently, but then other ones didn't work, so I had to go find new ones. Then, once I had them all sized and in place I decided I wanted rounded corners instead of square ones, so thankfully I knew that I could just copy each "layer" (picture) into a new file, and they wouldn't lose their positioning. It took a good two hours this morning getting everything done, but I really LOVE the way the two pages turned out!What do you think? By the way, everything you see is from Jady Day Studio's kit "Safari Dreamin'" available at

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dacjohns said...

You did a good job Leslie. I really like it. And the write-up for the page is great too. The only thing I think I would change is the spelling of awesome. Cause your page is AWESOME! Love you. :)