Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Abigail's Second Birthday

On this one, I created the middle paper, the purplish pink one, myself. The texture didn't show up very well though. I also added some shadows to everything, for depth, it looked a little flat. Then did the embossing on the text. I really like the look of the embossing. And the purple polka dots was originally yellow. I've been having fun with color. I need to get better with textures for the papers though. And then figure out how make embellishments that look realistic. I made some paper leaves today. I'll make a page soon that uses them.


Kari and Steve said...

One thing you may want to try for paper texture is to crumple up an actual piece of paper and scan it on your scanner, and then use that and add color to it with the gradient thingy tool... might take a little playing around, but I think it should work.

dacjohns said...

You are doing a good job with your pages. I am sure glad we were able to be with Abigail for her second birthday. Don't you just love the flower cakes?
Blow hard Abigail!