Monday, January 12, 2009

Abigail at Christmastime

This is just one of many. I think this is from the Sunday before Christmas. I dressed Abigail up as a candy cane for church. I didn't take a picture of Bryant, since he wore the same outfit to church for about a month. That happens when you only have one church outfit for him. Well, we have two, but the other one involves a yellow sweater vest. Not very Christmas-y. By the way, this all came from one of Yajaira's awesome kits. I forgot what it's called, something like Jolly Christmas. I love this kit, it has the blue (which I decorate in for Christmas) and the traditional red and green. It ended up being perfect for this picture, since the tree was blue, green, and silver, then she was wearing the red and white. I LOVE IT!


dacjohns said...

Abigail looks cute. I almost want to lick her, but then I don't like candy canes. I like the buttons on the page. Good job.

The D. Mower Family said...

Wow Leslie! This is really good! I really like this one too!