Sunday, November 9, 2008

Playing with Black and White

For this one, I wanted to do some black and white photos, so I went to "image" then "mode", and chose "grayscale" to make my color pictures black and white. Then I played around a little bit with lightening and darkening shadows, highlights, and midtones under "adjust color." I'm still not 100% pleased with them, wish there was something more I could do, but I haven't quite figured it out yet. So this is as good as it gets for right now. By the way, the only thing from Yajaira is the white swirl. I made the paper myself, and the other stuff is from the digital scrapbook day treasure hunt. Way too many things from there to keep track of all of it.


dacjohns said...

This is a great page. YOu are having fun aren't you. Keep up the good work and your creative ideas.

The D. Mower Family said...

OK Leslie, this is probably my favorite! Love it!