Thursday, September 25, 2008

Introducing Bryant

I just wish the pictures were better. With this one I played around with changing the colors. The brad holding down the tag was originally yellow, but that didn't match. I'm learning. I just wish I could have matched the color better. I think Ican with more practice, patience, and learning though. Shouldn't be too hard. Just didn't have the time today with the kiddies.


dacjohns said...

It is a cute page. Wish it didn't get so grainy when I enlarged it.

When I clicked on the page the pictures did get really grainy. Can you make the page smaller so when you cick on it it won't blow up so big that it gets real grainy? I can't even view the page without moving the sliders on both the side and bottom.

Also I think the color of font for "Sweet Baby Boy" should be darker. That blue doesn't show up very well. At least not on my dinosaur.

I tried to download one of the kits, but I don't think anything happened yesterday when I did it. Of course I am new at this so I probably did something wrong.

Kari and Steve said...

I think the brad color is good, because it matches the color of Abigail's shirt and Bryant's blanket, I would actually darken the border around Bryant and the text like mom said. You are doing a good job though. Also there is a tool on photoshop that will let you select a color and make other things into that exact color, but I can't remember what tool it is (it's been a while).

Kaycei said...

You've got better versions of those pictures. I'd give it another try.